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Why aren’t we all updating Comixpedia?


I know folks are getting bummed out about how webcomics are being purged from Wikipedia over notability issues. However, webcomic artists already had a pretty decent wiki with  Why is no one using it?

Comixpedia is a wiki that very few people seem to be updating. Is it lack of interest? I logged in earlier this week just to put a few pages up. There were no entries on ACT-I-VATE or Penny & Aggie artist Gisele Lagace, which seemed to be grievous oversights. Other comic entries haven’t been updated since, oh, 2007. Are there so few OCD’s in the webcomic community willing to devote their precious waking hours in creating webcomic entries? Look, if Lost fans and Star Wars fans and Homestar Runner fans can have their ridiculously obsessive wikis, so can we!

At the very least, the Comixpedia is a useful tool for webcomic creators looking for an easy way to write chapter synopses. Klio of SPQR Blues has been faithfully updating her wiki entry to spool up new fans. It’s a powerful tool, folks! Use it for good.