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My Wondercon Schedule

I'll be at Wondercon this weekend, mostly at the Cartoon Art Museum table, selling Narbonic books (including the brand-new Volume 6). I'll also be on a couple of panels:

Saturday, 11:00-12:00
Otaku USA LIVE: Manga, Anime and More

Otaku USA is America's only independent anime magazine! Talk about the future of manga, anime, idols, tokusatsu and Japanese video games with editor-in-chief Patrick Macias (Japanese Schoolgirl Inferno), manga editors Jason Thompson (Manga: The Complete Guide) and Ed Chavez (, writer/artists Shaenon Garrity (CLAMP in America) and Leia Weathington (The Legend of Bold Riley), and video game reviewers Emily Balistrieri and Heidi Kemps, AKA Zerochan. It's half Q&A, half steel cage match, plus a massive manga giveaway! Room 232/234

Sunday, 12:30-1:30
Comic Book Couples

Lois and Clark. Barry and Iris. Peter and Mary Jane (well...not anymore). The real story about comic book couples is in the real life team-up of comics lovers and creators. Couples Brian Azzarello and Jill Thompson, Wendy Pini and Richard Pini, Trina Robbins and Steve Leialoha, and Batton Lash and Jackie Estrada talk with moderator couple Andrew Farago and Shaenon Garrity about comics, love, and their love of comics. Room 236/238

So, yeah, if you're at Wondercon, stop by.