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Megacon 2009

Megacon 2009 is in its last day, as I write this post. It’s my third year of attending, and it was a fun time as always. I met several very talented folks, saw my share of orcs, stormtroopers, Ghostbusters, Watchmen, Naruto, and people dressed in weird (or too skimpy) outfits, but hey - that’s all part of the convention experience, right?


MegaCON 2009

Above, I’m with Ryan Sohmer and Lar deSouza, two very talented blokes from Least I Could Do and Looking for Group. Their booth was really well done, and their merch and books were flying off the racks. Ryan and Lar were a blast to hang out with, and I am looking forward to meeting them both again in a few weeks at Webcomics Weekend in MA.

MegaCON 2009

After taking in the show floor for a bit (it’s still a bit of a surreal experience even after all the conventions I’ve been to), I parked my tookis at the Nightgig Studios booth.

JT Shea was ever so generous and let me sit at the table they had. I drew sketches, interacted with a bunch of attendees, and hopefully won a few more new readers. And I also had a chance to meet my online pal, “Birdie” Birdshaw!

MegaCON 2009

I signed several copies of the Nightgig Sampler #4 while at the show. It was really nice to see PC Weenies and UNcubed finally in print - I want to make a book now, even more than ever.

In the afternoon, I participated in a Webcomics panel with Ryan, Jennie Breeden, Mark Mekkes, Mike Maihack, KC Green and another guy who’s name escapes me at the moment. The whole thing was recorded by JT, so it should be up in a forthcoming GigCast show really soon. All in all, it was a great time.