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Te Joi Of Webcomicz: Sum moar webcomicz stuf

  • Looks like the reviews are in for the new Laugh-Out-Loud Cats Sell Out collection by Adam Koford. Here’s a review at Blast Magazine, and one at the AV Club (warning: link begins with picture of Superman and Lois Lane lookalikes in kinky play). Sadly, all signs indicate that this is not as fun as the original effort, which I reviewed here. That said, it does come with a foreword by John Hodgman, which all of you know as PC.
  • Canada is going crazy over Kate Beaton! First off, she’s going to be in the new MySpace Dark Horse (h/t ComixTalk) collection. Something that’s not been said yet: this might be an opening for all creators to compete for the Eisner Digital Comic Award. You may have forgotten that last year’s winner, Joss Whedon’s Sugarshock!, also came from the MySpace comics.

    Also, according to her LiveJournal, Ms. Beaton is being flooded with interviews lately. Librarian Beat, Culture Magazine, and a yet unpublished one at Canada’s weekly news mag, MacLean’s!

    (Full disclosure: The Webcomic Overlook was contacted by a reporter from MacLean’s to talk about Ms. Beaton. Not sure if it’s making it in the article, though.)

  • Speaking of MySpace Dark Horse, how much money does that make for the parent company? Probably nothing. According to editor Shawna Gore: “It’s essentially outreach. Basically what MySpace is trying to be, is the MTV of the Internet, which makes them attract younger viewers.” (h/t Robot 6.)
  • By the way, if Groening goes totally webcomics with Life In Hell (h/t ComixTalk) I will be personally blown away. I wasn’t the world’s biggest fan of the comic, but it was my introduction to the world of counter-culture strips.

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