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What I've been up to this last week

Normally, I don't do this, but it's been kind of a busy week for me.
Firstly, after six months of downtime, The Nice's forums have been brought back and upgraded from UBB6 to phpBB3. There was a server crash in October that brought our old forums down, so we've moved to a more stable and maintainable system - and from a collection of thousands of text files to a real database. The old forum is available in read-only mode for private messages (which couldn't be migrated) and anything else we may have missed.
Secondly, the entire archives of Unlike Minerva are back online. For the last few years we only had an edited version up, which didn't include the original pre-restart beginning. Since we've got the tenth anniversary coming up on March 15th, it's only fair to show what it's the anniversary of. This also puts Unlike Minerva and its sequel, You Say it First at over 2000 comics, combined.

Thirdly, we're running Unlike Minerva with commentary, Monday through Friday at It'll be at quintuple-speed, with a new week of comics up every day.
Fourthly, to celebrate the fourth anniversary of, our reward site for donors, we've got a special this month only - subscribe at $4/month for as long as you like, or, if you donate $10, get free online access to one of our past bonus books.
Fifthly, we've got a public tour of Because after four years, there's probably a lot of people curious as to what's inside.  I'm sure it's not the first bonus site, and it's probably not the biggest, but there's an awful lot there at the moment.
Sixthly, people keep asking us: "Isabel has drawn how many comics?". We've got a running total now. Currently it's 5713, or about 27 centiHolbrooks.