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THE GREEN AVENGER (and her creator) joins the crew at THE CROSSOVERLORD

In Celebration of St. Patrick's Day, we at the CROSSOVERLORD are proud to announce a new addition to the core "team"...

The WCCA-award winning superhero webcomic, THE GREEN AVENGER, at joins the crew at the CROSSOVERLORD at  ---which means Abby Lark, TGA's creator, will be joining with the other creators, and be one of the artists in the rotating art chores. This is a PERMANENT change to the roster of the team and the roster of the creators...

...But we couldn't resist making her joining "official" on St. Patrick's Day.

Go Green!

PS. Two weeks ago there was also (with permission) a glimpse and a meal from GIRL GENIUS' Mechanicsburg...GIRL GENIUS, of course at