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Who Watches The Webcomics?

Working on a few interviews - probably will have them set for Sunday night/Monday morning posting.  Here's what I found interesting reading this morning:

Mark Waid has an interesting column on talent, personality and deadlines
.  The key takeaway being don't sacrifice work for the sake of deadlines.  It's at least worth thinking about even if it's not always applicable to every situation.

Scott McCloud has a post on Microsoft's Infinite Canvas which is still in "alpha" but McCloud says "it’s definitely worth looking at and playing with."

Robot 6 has a review of Karl Kerschl's The Abominable Charles Christopher.

Lots of folks linked to this article on webcomics in IF: INTERFACE (also billed as THE JOURNAL OF EDUCATION, COMMUNITY, AND VALUES).

I love it that the Bad Astronomy blog is linking to webcomics with science!  A few recent posts include one on the webcomic The Pain - When Will It End? and one on a recent Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal.

Digital Strips catches the return of Spider Girl in the webcomics - Marvel will have a new series on its Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited, beginning April 15th!