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Webcomic Beacon #69 - Fetish Webcomic Discussion Fail.

Ben (Peter is the Wolf) and R.T. Barnham (The World Explodes) joins Fes, Tanya, and Mark to discuss fetish webcomics… but major fail happens and they just end up talking about fetishes in general. We also had C.J. of Steal This Comic call in to tell us about Webcomics Weekend!

Milestones: Steal This Comic (1 yrs), Yosh Saga (5 yrs), The Legendary Boys of Floyd (100), Fragile Gravity (1000), Anti-Zombie Army (2 yrs), The Super Fogeys (200 strips).


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Thanks to George for recording the sites mentioned on the show: Juathuur Gatecrash, Deviant Desires (book), Fetish Roadmap (poster), Collar 6, xtube (NSFW videos), Slipshine (nsfw), Cute Little Hentai, Sexy Losers.

…as well as Yosh Saga, Jayden and Crusader, and Demon Eaters.

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