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Love is…


I return from a hiatus with perhaps my most cynical comic yet.

I suppose there wouldn’t be much of a market for REALISTIC romance novels. Well, if her books don’t do well, there’s always greeting cards.

Thanks to everybody who posted comments on here. I appreciate it. If you enjoy Taking Up Space, please tweet it at Twitter and let others know.

Since I’m back, I figured I would direct you towards a few other things going on in the webcomic universe.

My other comic, Todd and Penguin is continuing it’s Mystery Guest Month (which is really going to be longer than a month) with some black and white comic goodness.

It’s been a long while since I’ve read any comics, what with all the blogs, comics and other stuff I have going on. However, this weekend, I got some extra freetime and caught up with some old favorites and discovered a new favorite.

I haven’t read Dog Eat Doug since before I had a son. While I always enjoyed the strip, having a child makes it even that much more enjoyable because you can relate on another level. The whimsical comic about a baby and a dog is so cute it should come with a warning label.

I was turned on to a cool comic this weekend, Cock N Bull. It’s got some foul language, so those of you who are offended by such, might want to take a pass. For everyone else, it’s an awesomely funny comic.

If you’re feeling creative, stop by and check out Monday’s Calamities of Nature and enter the caption contest for a chance to win a free book or custom art. I highly recommend the book; a signed copy sits on my bookshelf right next to my other great collections.