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Let’s complain about things that are idiots!

That’s what blogs are for, right?

Since my chosen field of interest is webcomics, let’s talk about bigshot webcomics that think they are so cool but you know what? They’re not.

I’m referring specifically to Dinosaur Websequentials by Ryan North. Yeah sure he is a big guy and could beat me up but that doesn’t change the fact that his comics are basically one dinosaur saying something funny, then another dinosaur continuing the funny, and finally a punchline where either of the dinosaurs or God conclude with something that is the most funny (eg. STUPID). Here is my impression of a Dinosaur Comics comic:


UPDATE: Oh God! It turns out today Mr. North decided to link to Firman Productions from his front page! THIS WAS THE WORST POSSIBLE DAY TO MAKE THIS POST.

Pretend you didn’t see me write anything about Dinosaurs earlier. Pretend it was all about this other dumb bum comic MSPaint Adventures by Andrew Hussie. This is the actual stupid webcomic I was trying to call stupid. It’s not even a comic really, it’s just a bunch of panels that you read in order and then laugh about. What is with that? Here is my impression of an MSPaint Adventure:


UPDATE NO. 2: What the hell! MSPA has been linking to me also! I cannot believe how embarrassed I am getting in front of everybody in my own home. I guess we know who the true doofus comic is.