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Webcomic Beacon #70 - The 2008 Beaky Awards!

Webcomic Beacon #70 - The 2008 Beaky Awards!: The Webcomic Beacon’s Panel of Judges (Fes, Tanya, Mark, Horatio, and Chris), bring their personal Top Ten Lists of what they feel were the best of the new webcomics of 2008 (as reported to us).

Milestones: Last Res0rt (2 yrs), Times like this (200 strips), Cartworks (100 strips), The Legendary Boys of Floyd (100 strips), Bitmap World (2 yrs). Other News: Family Webcomics looking for new members. Free ads on Rampage Network.

This episode is brought to you by: Last Res0rt, Alone In A Crowd website and  No Crap

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Thanks to George for note-taking: Capes and Babes, Astray 3, Dawn of Time,, Gemini, and Precocious.

Beaky Award Finalists (in no particular order) are: Sister ClaireDregs, XanfordSandra and Woo, Blank-It, Odd Fish, Imy, Daisy Owl, Whubble, Ink Tank, Marooned, Evil Diva, Surfboards and Rayguns, Trying Human, Spying with Lana, Sam & Lilah, moe, Filtered Fuzz, Clockwork Games, Moose Mountain, Vlad the Vegan, One Swoop Fell, Bear Nuts, Nerf Now, Gastrophobia, House Pets, Union of Heros, Strange Someone, Curvy, Speak No Evil, Night Zero, and Capes n’ Babes.