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Theater Hopper removed from Google due to hackers

The movie-themed comic Theater Hopper was recently removed from Google's index due to some malicious code placed on the site by hackers. The code was a lengthy list of hidden links used to index sites selling over-the-counter medication.

Notified about the code by Google, the omnipresent search engine communicated to creator Tom Brazelton that his site would be removed from the index for 30 days until his site's code was cleaned up.

Brazelton acted quickly to scrub out the code and lock down his security, but Google removed his site anyway.

An appeal has been submitted to reinstate the site sooner than 30 days, but Google has made no guarantees.

Theater Hopper uses WordPress to deliver its content. The proceeding is meant to signal the alarm to other site owners who may be using similar means to distribute their work. Look for the malicious code hidden inside a <div> tag somewhere in the footer of your site and please pass this story along to others who may benefit from this information.

For updates, follow Tom Brazelton’s Twitter feed. To help, please sign the petition to have Theater Hopper reinstated on Google.