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Strip Business

This post has business and tips and all sorts of goings ons…

  • If you’re like me, you’ve meant to personalize your Twitter background for a while now. Here is some inspiration and how-to to help get us moving. I plan to think fun, branding and providing some extra information.
  • What I’m getting from this article is that our endeavors to find an audience -whatever pursuit we find ourselves in- needs to include both approaches to individuals and groups of individuals. I’ve read enough interviews with successful comic folks to hear echoes of this idea in their thoughts. I find myself wondering if a blatant tagline lets your audience find you easier. It seems the more popular comics have some text that defines their audience for their audience and the audience self-selects. Adventure Romance Mad Science! This implies that one’s efforts to promote entails drilling into the keywords behind your comic’s concept and trying variations based on them when we create taglines and make banners. After a while, we may understand what the audience responds to and what they want. (Sometimes I need the obvious things spelled out for me, sorry. This is old advice repeated in many places previously.)
  • Thanks to the Floating Lightbulb, we can check the load time of our sites for the average user. I also found out that -due to a corrupted wordpress theme- this site sometimes comes out mangled. It should be fixed now. Also, we get some interesting discussion on webcomic site design. I think (in general) it’s crucial to have features that go beyond just displaying the comic and remember not to over-do them. I happen to think that Ill Will site is a mess to navigate, for those keeping score. Whatever your opinion, you will want to avoid  bored readers and letting the site look too much like evryone else’s. Now, I don’t know that I’m in a hurry to drop Wordpress (with a new upgrade coming any day) just to style my site differently, but I do want it to look appropriate for the content I put there and not be a cookie-cutter layout. More discussion can also be found in the next article on the basic styles of our comic sites, too. You may want to also check out the known problem wordpress plugins list and maybe add any you know of, too.
  • I liked the Comics Reporter’s response to Todd Allen’s article on monetizing comics. I think it needed to be said, even if it came out a little strong. Clearly, some people and some kinds of content are better at working successfully in the online business model. Just as clearly, it has not been established what all the actual rules for success are. We know what’s worked in some special strike-of-lightning sorts of cases but we really don’t know what will reliably work for the vast majority.
  • And the Google hits just.keep.coming. Are you using the old Google code for Analytics?
  • And MPD57 gives his final stamp of approval to any of you Zuda cheaters out there. Sort of.
  • Wondering what happened with that Twitter worm? Imagine me saying this in Mythbuster Adam’s voice: “”Heeeeeere’s yer problum.
  • Bengo brought this interesting webcomic panel discussion to my attention. So that’s what Ryan North looks like, huh? No offense, but I didn’t expect the facial hair for some reason. People’s assumptions are funny, aren’t they?
  • I check on the various topseller lists to see what’s pop-pop-popular but this criticism of the NY Times list seems like it has teeth (courtesy of MangaBlog. The above article is in response to this article from Robot 6, if you want further reading.) It makes sense to me that Diamond would have little way of tracking anything more than how many copies of a book they sent out. How would they, much less the NY Times, know how many copies of a book actually sold to customers? The logistics of gathering actual sales numbers from merchants…makes my head hurt. If anyone could hazard a guess, it would likely be the credit card companies simply tracking the isbn who would probably have the most accurate tally of actual sales and they’d still not be perfect numbers due to missing the cash transactions. These numbers would still be better indicators of what sold on what day than what we use at present.
  • You may find yourself wondering if Neil Gaiman will ever do more Sandman comics, what his no-nonsense advice on writing is or if he will he sign something for you?
  • As always, there will be more Strip Business News next Tuesday on