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As good as it gets?


Hey all. I know, it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. I’ve been busy with a million different projects, it seems. I can’t stay away from Taking Up Space, though.

Even though I have a bunch of Taking Up Space comics scripted in advance, this one came to me, as many of my comics do, in the lingering moments between sleep and waking. The first three panels were written in the shower as I mulled word choice and such. The only thing that’s different is the ending. I must’ve written the last line 20 times, searching for the perfect punch line for Jessika.

And then, during the coloring process, just before I was going to hit save and call it a day, the last line came to me. A positive message in Jessika’s otherwise bleak worldview which seemed truer than any funny line I could’ve written.

Thanks to everybody who has been visiting and leaving comments or sending me emails on the comics. I appreciate the support.