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Dark Red: Issue #3 Page 79 - Taking Sides

I really have fond memories of this photoshoot. It was such a girly day: make-up, jewellery, clothes and cake. And bizarrely enough, the pages have turned out all pink and sparkly. Katie, our newest cast member, loved the last page, 'insanely cool' were her words if I remember right. Wonder what she's make of this one? :D

Page 79 - Taking Sides

By the way, those wings are really enormous, as you'll see if you check out the gallery for Issue #3. We used real faery wings with only a little faery-dust sprinkled on top from paintshop. And Brighid's wearing a real tiara, on loan from my sister from her wedding. It was the last thing Katie put on and the first thing to come off afterwards. I was under pain of death to ensure nothing happened to it. Brighid is rapidly becoming one of my favourite characters. I hope she appears again in the upcoming issues.

But I am really glad these two pages are over with. They were soo much work. Page 80 is half done already, and I've only been working on it for a day. That's how bad the last two were. They took weeks and weeks.

Have a great weekend,