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Free Comic Book Day 2009!

Comics 2 Games - Free Comic Book Day 2009 Commercial from Chas! Pangburn on Vimeo.
Hi, Folks!

fcbd_logoSaturday, on Free Comic Book Day, Benita and I made an appearance at Comics 2 Games in Florence, Kentucky.  We had an outstanding time!  We got to catch up with old friends Bob Hickey (Comics 2 Games, Blueline Pro, Sketch Magazine, etc.), Chuck Moore (Comic Related), Bill Nichols (Sketch Magazine), and John Wilson (Comic Related, Sketch Magazine).  These fine folk share a boundless enthusiasm for comics, and I’ve come to think of them as true friends.

In terms of fellow creators, we got to meet Lora Innes (the Dreamer), Eric Adams (Lackluster World), and we got to catch up with old friends Brant Fowler and Scott Simmons of Wannabez.

The turnout was outstanding, and we had a steady influx of comic enthusiasts of all ages throughout the day.  Sometimes, the excited chatter got loud enough that I had to raise my voice just to be heard above the din!  This is just my first visit to the area, but if this is any indication then Florence must have an amazing comic community!

c2gbuttonThe store itself, Comics 2 Games, just recently opened, and it is the coolest comic store I’ve ever seen.  Airy and bright, this was the antithesis of the grungy hole in the wall comic shops that are so common.  There are dedicated sections of the store for statues, art supplies, video games, art books, and a large “gallery” where we were set up among the other comic creators.  This did not feel like a Free Comic Book Day so much as a day at a comic convention!

Thanks, Bob Hickey, for inviting us!



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