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Summer of Our Content at Freaks N Squeeks


Dateline: Gilman
In a move that surprised no one and caused others to contract the dreaded Three-Toed-Sloth Flu, the Marvelous Patric Lewandowski is thrilled to announce the Summer of Our Content at
Starting on Monday, May 18th, there is going to be 90 days of content  at Freaks N Squeeks. The comic will update at least Monday through Friday. Then, on the weekend, there may be a comic on Saturday and Sunday. Or, there will be _something else_ on Saturday and Sunday. 
Patric said, "It may be sketches, it may be comics, who knows? The important thing is that EVERYDAY for 90 days, there will be something here (most likely) worth looking at."
Freaks N Squeeks is a comic strip featuring two intelligent and articulate teenage girls who happen to be two of the mice that live in a little boy's bedroom.  FNS has been updating online since 2002, with over 1400 strips in the free archive, as well as books and floppy comic singles.  
Patric Lewandowski