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The Return of Joy of Webcomics

Joe Loves Crappy Movies #472

Joe Loves Crappy Movies #472

Still not getting down from my Star Trek high. How bad is it? I actually watched some old Star Trek: Enterprise episode on the Sci-Fi Network… and I enjoyed them. Especially the ones featuring the Andorian Captain Shran. I am also seriously contemplating seeing it with friends for a second time this weekend. Anyway, here’s some more great webcomic-related content from around the web:

  • Bengo at The Floating Lightbulb ponders alternatives to the free model in Webcomics as Free Content: A Dissent. He has an interesting opening gambit: although webcomics are free online, wouldn’t it be nice to have a hard copy somewhere in case that webcomic disappears from the net forever?
  • What the Hell People wants more natural dialogue in webcomics. Summary: Achewood, good dialogue. Sluggy Freelance, bad dialogue.
  • Horribleville is dead? Whyyyyyyyy!?!??!?!
  • I reviewed — somewhat negatively — the Zombie Hunters webcomic on this site. Elle Dee at Storming the Tower also took a more recent look. She seems to agree with me on the first part of the comic, but she was won over by the more coherent chapters following. I might have to give this comic another look some day.
  • Finally, if you want to talk the Star Trek movie some, as well as slag on the original Star Trek: The Motion Picture a bit as well, feel free the join me in the discussion at The AV Club. I’m the guy in the mask.

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