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Another update to

Another update to the part IX animation. I know that's what everybodie's been waiting for! It's really about half of what I intended for this update but I should be able to get the next installment (what should have been the second half of this) done fairly quickly.

It took a day for me to get my hosting company to let me upload it and now my site seems to be down. Anybody know a good cheap hosting company who are SVG friendly?

It seems that Buzz Webcomics has died so I've taken all their links off my site to get rid of the image not found messages. This probably means that they'll ressurect like a dead superhero and I'll have to put all the links back. I now have links to Choice web comics and Super100 webcomics list (or something).

A certain webcomics list rejected me because they claimed that most browsers can't read ".svga" files and seemed to think I worked on Mac because I suggested the use of Opera! (In case you don't know, it's SVGZ files, they're supported natively by Opera, Safari, Google Chrome and Firefox and can be viewed with Internet Explorer using a plug-in. Opera of course works on PC - I think it allwasy has. Safari used to only work on Macs but now also works on PC's). I think this guy ignored my instructions about how to view the site and just thought that if he couldn't see anything, nobody would be able to! What do you do about jerks like this?