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Big Illustration Party Help!

My buddies Kevin Cross and Joshua Kemble of the legendary Big Illustration Party Time podcast are in a jam.

What is the Big Illustration Party Time podcast you ask? To borrow their byline - it’s “a podcast about the ins and outs of freelance illustration and cartooning”. It’s a GREAT show for artists and illustrators with lots of valuable content. The production quality of their episodes has been top-notch.

Recently, however, their recording equipment died, and to add to the woes, they don’t have the financial means to get new equipment.

Not wanting to sit around, myself, Jerzy Drozd, and Mark Rudolph (of the excellent Art & Story podcast), decided to help save the day by creating some pieces of art that Kevin and Josh can auction off to raise money to purchase new recording gear. All proceeds raised will go directly towards getting replacement recording gear.

Below are two pieces that will be available for auction:

1) original pencils featuring Bob and Kevin’s character Monkeymod drawn by Jerzy:

MonkeyMod pinup by Jerzy Drozd

…and a color print of the above, inked and colored by yours truly.

Big Illustration Party Time Benefit Art

Mark Rudolph submitted this gorgeous piece featuring BIPT host Joshua Kemble and Thadius Gizawatt, Mark’s own character from his incredible Mulligan’s Run book. (Obligatory plug: I have a copy of Mulligan’s Run, and folks - it is GORGEOUS - both from an illustration perspective as well as production perspective. The story is a Sci-Fi / action / drama extravaganza!)

Here is the piece Mark is submitting for the BIPT Benefit:

Big Illustration Party Time Benefit Art

Want more details? Stay ‘tuned to Big Illustration Party Time for auction info. Information will also be available here and also on Art & Story as well.

And if you’re a cartoonist or illustrator - and you’d like to help out Kevin and Josh by way of contributing your own art for the fund-raiser auction, please let me know. I’ll pass along your e-mail to Kevin and Josh. If you prefer to donate to the cause in lieu of art, you can click their Paypal button on their site.

Let’s make it happen for these guys!