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May Madness, Part 3: Puerto Rico!!

As it was both of our birthdays this past weekend, Dave and I finally took a trip we'd been wanting to take for years: we went to Puerto Rico!

And it was great. We swam in the ocean every day (even though it tended towards cloudy and rainy), explored the blue cobblestone streets of Old San Juan, visited the only rainforest in America, ate a lot of coconut-flavored things, met some of Dave's cousins, ate giant breakfasts, and RELAXED! Something I need to remind myself to do more often. :)

This was Dave's first time in PR, even though his entire family is from there. So it was a chance to gain some cultural understanding--we'll definitely go back soon, to spend time getting to know more of his relatives. This time, though, we were happy to be tourists!

Our entire photoset is here.