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Thanks Pear-Pear Readers!

After four weeks of successfully making time to update Pear-Pear on the weekends, it's more than a little gratifying to see our site stats on the rise this month.

Pear-Pear drew over a thousand unique visitors (1240) for the first time since January. Where does this traffic come from? We like to think in part from the product, but we know its mostly because of others linking and blogging on our behalf.

We owe a lot of thanks to Ryan Armand of minus: on June 12, 2008, thanks to his link, we had more than 1000 visitors and 40,000 hits on the site in one day. Other webcomickers had lent their support before this, but Ryan put us on the map. Thank you!

We've only had more than 4000 unique visitors in a month twice: that June, and the following December (when someone posted a question on how to interpret the comic on reddit). Since then, because of the dearth of updates, the traffic steadily declined.

So, we'd like to thank all those devoted readers who checked the site frequently. Thanks to those folks who posted in forums, and linked us from their comics and blogs. And thanks especially to those readers who emailed us!

Of course, reflecting on all this, we wonder how to interpret the information on our site stats app, as far as how (if at all) anything we do with the comic itself draws or deters visitors...but it will probably be a while before we can make any conclusions about that.