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Hark! It's Brunel and Stovie

Ah Tuesday!  One day after Monday; too many days before Friday.  Our top story today -- aAfter much public demand, James Turner reveals his new comic: Brunel and Stovie.  Hip Hip Hurrah!

Joey Weiser shows you the process from scripts to finished pages

Heroes of a Lesser Earth hits 500 strips

Checking out Heroes Inc - art looks good.  (Which reminds me we once did a list of superhero comics on the web; feel free to update it!)

Kickstarter looks like another vehicle for pre-funding projects that conceivably could be of use to web/comic creators.

Kris Straub and David Malki! are doing a talk show

And as always, be sure to read Journalista!, and Fleen for more links and stories.  I tend not to link as much to those sites anymore simply because it's easier for you to go read them yourself.