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Webcomic Beacon #76 & #77 - How NOT to Make a Webcomic (Two Parts)

Adam Smithee (Apple of Discord) joins Fes, Tanya, and Mark to discuss at least 10 things you shouldn’t do when making a webcomic.

The Rampage Network’s Feature comic this month is O31. Milestones: Insanity of  Xade (2 yrs) and Oy (400 strips). Toilet Texting (100 strips), Ravilob (1 yr), Twisted Musing (2 yrs & 300 issues), Dungeon Legacy (100 pages).

News: Estrus Enterainment is looking for colorists and other artists to draw Adult comics (web and print).  If you are not comfortable with X-rated or pornographic subject matter please don’t apply. Go HERE for more information and the application requirements.

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