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Well let's see.

Well, let's see. What can be said about this year's MoCCA Art Fest that hasn't already been said? Dave has a report from our shared vantage point; Heidi has a good general summary up at The Beat, and Even Dorkin lays it all out on the table with little apology. As for me, I was hot and miserable and tired all weekend. I usually do my best to put a positive spin on things, and since MoCCA is pretty much my favorite convention, I am even more willing to overlook the kinks in favor of celebrating what I love most about the comics scene...but this year, all I remember is being too hot.

I'm sorry if that sounds glum. But it was too hot.

Without getting too much into it, my thoughts for future MoCCAs are that I would be happy and willing to shell out extra for my table (oh, wait, they raised the prices, so I don't have a choice!) if the con is willing to spring for air conditioning at the new venue. If they're not, I hope they find another place to have it. The Armory had its own unique charm, and I love the neighborhood it's in and its proximity to the Shake Shack for long summer evenings of eating junk food with lots of my friends. But when my positive memories of the weekend have nothing to do with the con, and EVERYTHING to do with what took place before and after the convention, something is awry. Sad face!

I realize I'm glossing over some pretty amazing little moments of awesome. That's really not fair. Here are some of the highlights from the weekend:

--Dave unveiled my belated birthday present at our Comics Bakery Roundtable panel, in front of a bunch of people. That deserves its own post, which I'll make shortly.

--We didn't have anything new to sell, but I had fun things to give away! Like my SMILE postcards! The cover for the book ALSO deserves its own post, I believe, so that will also come atcha in a bit.

--The crazy overlap between my old life in the publishing world and my current life in the comics world. I used to work at Abrams' sister company, STC, and having some of my old co-workers exhibiting with Abrams is always a trip! They like to talk about how I was making little comics when I was an editorial assistant then...and how those became SMILE. And, yeah. Forward-march.

--We put Dave's Cybert doll on our table, and it was a fun conversation piece and even MORE fun to be able to say that the person who made the doll (Hi Megan!) was exhibiting just a few tables away! Here, Cybert meets Scott C.'s amazing Mummy puppet.

--My houseguests were lovely and it was wonderful to spend some time with them. In fact, all of my out-of-town friends are fantastic people who I see far too rarely. I know there were friends who I managed to wave drowsily at on my way to the bathroom and that was the extent of our interaction, but I blame the heat. Talking was hard, and standing was even harder.

And, of course, the hands-down highlight of the weekend was Drink and Draw Like a Lady!! Holy cow!! It was raining and windy and stupid out on Friday night, and the bar overbooked so we didn't have as much space as we needed, but my guesstimate is that we had somewhere between 70-80 awesome ladies show up for a killer night of fun! There were incredibly delicious cupcakes, there were drawing jams, there were introductions and interactions I was happy to see, there were drinks galore, and everyone I talked to had a good time.

Megan, Patricia, Hope, and Lucy!

My extra-special thanks to Hope, who brainstormed the whole thing, and the rest of the women in comics who are so amazingly rad. There is so much we can all learn from one another, and it's great to have an opportunity to bond now and then. From the sound of it, this will happen again. And you can bet I'll be there!


...That did come out pretty positive in the end, didn't it! Happy face!