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Hey The BoxJam Awards Are Back!

The webcomics community seems a little bigger these days then oh say 2001 or so. One thing from those earlier days that I just realized is still around is BoxJam's Award.

I've always though this was/is a cool idea from a heck of a good guy and a funny webtoonist to boot. Here's more on the award from Bup's site:

There are a lot of awards out there that pretty much go to all the same cartoonists. Look, putting up comics all the time is tough enough when you are good at it, and get thousands of hits, and win every award there is. It's even harder when you don't get a lot of positive feedback. This is supposed to be fun, right? So I've created an award that you can win just for asking.

You're good enough, you're smart enough, and dog-gone it, I like you. Win my award.

Re: Hey The BoxJam Awards Are Back!

Aaron Tanner's picture

A long, long time ago I got a BoxJam award. It gave me a nice half smile, for the rest of that day.

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