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NCWCCC Anthology Three Participants

Hi all,

Below you will find a list of participants for Anthology 3. If you would still like to contribute, please contact me by May 15th.  If you should be on the list below, please let me know. Also, if you should not be on the list, let me know that too. 

Please Note: It would be best if we had as many entries as possible, so we need to have 20 participants before we go ahead with this project. As of 4-28-09 3:09 PM EST we have 15 participants.

As you may know the theme of the third anthology is religion. This anthology will also be jurried, meaning impartial judges will be selecting what goes into the book. Final deadline for all work and biographies will be October 31st, Halloween.

List of Participants

Alan Welch
Ursula Vernon
Mike Moon
Larry Holderfield
Justin and John Lapoint
Gabriel Dunston
3D Graphitti
Dave Milloway
Phillip Wright
Zack Smith (editor)
Jamie Robertson
Evan Dahm
Chelsea Black
Kate Daniel