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Three Things

My cousin got married this weekend (congratulations Tasha!) which means that my whole family is in town and everything is crazy hectic. Therefore, tonight’s blog update is going to be short and sweet (and late).

1) First, I’d like to point your attention to the fine folks at Digital Strips, who have kindly done a podcast review of Chronillogical. Take a listen if you have a moment! The podcast is really entertaining—they’ve got great banter, which is key—and of course it’s pretty spiffy that they’re talking about our strip. So yeah. Listen to it! Or else!

2) John is going to be out of town this Wednesday and Thursday, which unfortunately can only mean one thing: FRIDAY FILLER! Apologies in advance.

3) I know I keep saying that I’ll be updating the site—but seriously, you’re going to be seeing some changes this July. There really is a new site design in the works, and we’re also contemplating changing our approach to the strip. We want to keep things fresh, both for you readers and for us as creators. We’ll keep you posted as the situation develops.

That’s all I got. Greg out.