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Unsurprising news of the day: the end of Scary Go Round


To the surprise of no one, John Allison is ending his long-running Scary Go Round (reviewed here). From the post on his blog:

This is a brief announcement to say that Scary Go Round will be ending in September. The eighth collection will be the last. “Goodbye” is the final story. I’m sure a lot of you had worked this out already.

If your claw-like fingers are rending your clothes to rags as we speak, I would ask you to be calm. I have a new project in mind and, like the transition from Bobbins to Scary Go Round back in 2002, it won’t all be new, all different. I could probably have got away with making the change with no fanfare at all and kept the name the same. But there were a few reasons that I decided not to.


I don’t want to talk about my new project yet as it would spoil the current story, but you can rest assured that there will be plenty that you recognise about it. I’m not sure about the exact end date of Scary Go Round, and there may be something transitional in between, but expect no interruption in service.

Go gently into the night, Scary Go Round! Among the reasons he’s ending his comic is that he wants an fresh, new jumping point for beginning readers. A pretty wise move, if you ask me: some comics have gone on so long that only the diehard fans can understand the latest entries.

I thought Scary Go Round had the snazziest title in webcomics. It rolls off the tongue. And you can apply it to anything! (The comic itself was rarely scary or a merry-go-round.) Here’s to hoping that his next project will have a similarly pleasant moniker.

So will we get a fresh new start and have the previous characters trickle in again, a la zombie Shelley Winters? Or will Allison flesh out some of the more minor SGR characters, like that stupid fish guy? Or will there be a more disciplined focus on totally new characters?

And give a decent resolution to Erin Winters already, John Allison! If you’ve thought I’ve forgotten, I can assure you that I have not!

(h/t to Fleen)

And now your Aishwarya Rai Tasteful Picture of the Day. Did you know that Ms. Rai originally studied to be an architect? It’s true!

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