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One Punch Reviews #23: Fatawesome


Earlier this week, I credited for jumpstarting the readership of the very excellent Daisy Owl. Now comes the yang to that ying. That magazine is not quite the greatest arbiter of good taste. Eventhough I’m almost certain that its readership is composed of 90% nerds, the humor can best be described as “fratboyish.” Which, in a sense, means that Fatawesome, a recent recepient of’s seal of approval, is a better representative of everything that Cracked stands for.

But what does that mean, exactly? Cracked is actually pretty good from time to time, like it was the internet equivalent of junk food. Is Fatawesome the Angus burger and fries of webcomics?


Fatawesome is primarily a “sketch comedy group,” and they release videos of their “comedy acts” on their “site.” I clicked on the first video, a little skit called “Fight Like Jackie Chan,” and I gotta say: guys, getting an engineering degree is still an option. I’m not sure there’s that big a demand for high school pep-rally skits.

Now, on to the comic itself. I won’t like to you: some strips can inspire a little chuckle. I thought the best was a riff on the infamous Superman catchphrase, which I’m pretty sure has been done before but hadn’t looked quite as goofy. But there are only about four or five good ones. Everything else? Unilaterally awful.

Most of the gags are jokes that I imagine even Friedberg and Seltzer would find too stupid to put in their “[fill in the blank] Movie” cinema series. For example, there’s one comic where a kid is putting leaves in a plastic bag. He sees a hole in the bag. Can you guess what happens next? If you guessed “drop trow and mount the bag like a horny teenager”, you win a LIFETIME OF SHAME! Yes, Fatawesome is the sort of comic where simply implying male genitalia is COMEDY GOLD.

Outside of the juvenile humor that even a preteen would probably roll their eyes, at, there’s the strips that come off as bad Far Side jokes and bad Perry Bible Fellowship jokes. In other words, Fatawesome represents the low water point of comedic creativity. I posted a comic from Drew’s Toothpaste for Dinner where he implies how webcomic writers just rip jokes off The Simpsons, and it’s never rung more true than it does now. Yet Fatawesome manages to set the bar even lower with its bloody awful art. Seriously, the comic would’ve been less embarrassing if the artist had used one of those automatic webcomic generators that makes everyone look like background characters from South Park.

There are several people in this world that are both fat and awesome: Santa Claus, Bobaloo from I Survived a Japanese Game Show, chef Mario Batali, Dom DeLuise, and King Hippo to name a few. The Fatawesome crew owes all these magnificent people a supersized apology for sullying their reputations.

Rating: 1 star (out of 5).

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