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Freaks N Squeeks and Fun Factory return as all-new color series!!

 Dateline:  Gilman


In a move that surprised no one because they'd been paying attention, Patric Lewandowski is thrilled to pieces to announce some major upheaval.  Freaks N Squeeks, which had ended it's long and hilarious black and white run has returned on Monday, July 12th, as an all-new color strip!  
"It's like a brand new comic," said Patric.  "You don't need to have read any of the stuff that came before.  Just start at the color point and it all works out.  It's all-new, all-different.  That seemed to have worked for the X-Men."  
Freaks N Squeeks, in all-new COMP-U-COLOR™ will appear at mondays and fridays.  Meanwhile, over at Graphicsmash ( other things are a'happenin'.  
Fun Factory, the comic about a little boy who wins a toy factory, returns to Graphicsmash running as a color strip Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.  Fun Factory originally debuted in 2007 as a long-form comic.  After going on hiatus, Patric is pleased as punch to return to it as a color strip starting Tuesday, July 13th.  
There's a lot of cool comics coming your way from Patric Lewandowski!  Make sure to check 'em out at and !
Patric Lewandowski