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The Joy of Webcomics: Funnies All The Time edition

joyofwebcomicsApparently, there’s a huge comic to-do in San Diego that every comic creator seems to be going wild over. Being a horrible shut-in, I’m not too much a fan of being located in a throng of sweaty, germ-filled people. Not a fan of San Diego either, having been there too often and being bored by relatives most of the time. (If you are going, though … there’s an awesome fish taco place about 2 miles north of the Mexican border.)

Still, The Webcomic Overlook is somewhat amused by a tradition that some folks are looking to revive: the Sunday funnies section. Is syndication that old thing that’s brand new again?

  • begins its tradition of keeping Sunday funnies alive … by showcasing the latest in video game webcomics! It’s sort of a narrow focused effort (and if Owen Good follows up on posting everyone’s favorite video game comics, the page may soon number as much as the sands on the beach), but I do appreciate the spirit. Even if it DOES inadvertently spur an new wave of video game webcomics for people hungry for the publicity. (h/t Robot 6)
  • Speaking of the agenda to keep video game webcomics alive, Xaviar Xerexes at ComixTalk informs us there’s an opening at the WiiSpace website for yet another video game webcomic. If I were them, I’d see if I could get Katie Tiedrich of Awkward Zombie. You’d be rolling in Smash Brothers-centric comics, WiiSpace!
  • Fleen mentions that about twenty webcomics are putting together a unified front at The San Diego Comic Con by publishing a four-page, full color sampler. I’m not sure who’s all in it, but the sample picture shows Shortpacked! and Diesel Sweeties. Sounds like a fairly effective marketing tactic, if you ask me.
  • KC Green wraps up his first story about The Anime Club at The Gun Show. If you haven’t yet read this story about four friends torn asunder over animes, you can start here.
  • As part of the ongoing San Diego Comic Con festivities, the AV Club interviews Michael Kupperman, he of Snake ‘N Bacon, Tales Designed to Thrizzle, and the mkupperman Twitter (where he gets quite artsy, apparently). My favorite entry:

    AVC: There can be sort of a fine line between the Dadaist or situationist free-association approach, and being simply incoherent. How do you negotiate that?

    MK: That’s a tough one. I’d say I keep an eye on that line and try not to step over into it. I came out of first a fine arts background and then underground comics, so certainly there have been choices that I’ve made in my approach along the way, and one of the first was to try to be funny rather than bizarre. Certainly I enjoy the outré and I enjoy artistic comics and surrealism in comics very much. But the decision I made and have stuck with and refined was the decision to try to be funny and communicate humor. Once you put that ahead of everything else, it resolves those other questions for you.

  • The Thought Bubble blog has published the Best of The Web list, highlighting favorite webcomics (both active and inactive). Here’s Part 1 and Part 2.
  • Fellow blogger Bengo seems to be at the end of the road with his Floating Lightbulb webcomic blog. Best of luck to him and his wife on whatever they have planned next.

And now, your Aishwarya Rai Tasteful Picture of the Day. Did you know Ms. Rai once traveled to the Siachen Glacier, the highest battlefield in the world at 13,000 ft above sea level, to boost the morales of Indian infantrymen? It’s true!

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