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A Potpourri of Thoughts!

Hi, Friends!

It’s late, and my mind is awhirl with the day’s activities, so I present the only thing I can in this state: A potpourri of thoughts.

Please vote for us on Top Web Comics! It’s easy, quick, does not require you to sign up, and I put up a free voting incentive image every weekday. I know you want us to succeed, so please vote daily!

Our friend JGray of “Mysteries Of The Arcana” is overseeing the LGBT Webcomic Charity Art Auction, and there are still two days left to bid. Two pieces in particular are wide open, being this and this. It would be a shame for these pieces to go unpurchased!

Last night, a friend of mine asked me about the common modern practice of darkening pencils and skipping inks in comic books. I’ve gotten so used to this style that I barely noticed darkened pencils anymore. I still prefer good, old-fashioned inking, preferably done by hand, but I also have to admit there is a real charm to the work of John Cassaday, as seen in Planetary. In short, I’m still undecided, although I do not see myself ever going from pencils to color like that. My pencils are pretty clean, but I’m so darn picky!

On the flip side of that coin, lately I’ve considered eventually going all digital with the comic. It would certainly save me time. If I did, I would probably want to go the Cintiq. Those are quite expensive, so I do not foresee making this leap any time soon.

Well, that’s enough for today!


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