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Eisner Nominations Out

The nominees for Best Digital Comic are:

Athena Voltaire, by Steve Bryant;
Bento & Starchky, by zer0 (Peter Branting);
Copper, by Kazu;
Jonny Crossbones, by Les McClaine;
Mom's Cancer, by Brian Fies; and
ojingogo, by matt forsythe.

More details at the Comics Reporter.

Re: Eisner Nominations Out

Xaviar Xerexes's picture

I just checked out Matt's ojingogo which i had missed up til now. It is nice but far from finished (it has about 13 pages done). I wonder how you can compare works largely finished or well into an ongoing run with something that seems to be a mere beginning?

I don't know the answer to that really - it just seems like a question that needs to be discussed.

I run this place! Tip the piano player on the way out.

Re: Eisner Nominations Out

Also worth noting:

Under “Best Writer/Artist – Humor”
Scott Kurtz, PvP (Image)


Under “Talent Deserving of Wider Recognition”
Raina Telgemeier ("Smile," Takeout) & Fairy Tales Experiments

Re: Eisner Nominations Out

Erik Melander's picture

I'm a bit disappointed that Oskarsson's Flick isn't up there. Athena, Copper, Jonny Crossbones and Mom's Cancer are all known to me and worthy of nominations, the other two I'll have to read up on.

Re: Eisner Nominations Out

Erik Melander's picture

Also webcomic related, Scott Kurtz nominated for Best writer/artist - humor
Raina Telgemeier nominated for Talent deserving of wider recognition


Uncle Ghastly's picture

Man. Snubbed again.