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Hey well welcome

Hey, well, welcome back from San Diego everybody. Got any money left? Good.

So the good news is that I'm once again employed, and will soon be back to drawing a paycheck (in addition to the things I'm currently drawing, which include comics and condescending pity). The bad news is that I went a couple months without a reliable income and have a couple of very big expenses coming down the pike, for which I'm financially ill-prepared (emotionally, I'm well-steeled, thanks for asking).

SO! In hopes of shoring up a few extra bucks from the collector community, I'm doing what every other cartoonist on the internet has done in the last three weeks (what is this, a meme? Is being broke a meme now?), sketchcards. Wooo! Woo.

Here's the deal: I'm opening up twenty slots for sketchcard commissions. Sketchcards are $15 each, including shipping, and will feature a single figure on a simple background with gray tones (see examples below). Add $5 for each additional figure after the first. I'll produce two cards a day until all commissions are satisfied, in the order they were received. Items will ship in a protective plastic sleeve, and I'll send you a scan of the card before sending to make sure it meets with your satisfaction - if you don't like the sketch, I'll do it again, easy-peasy. This is a professional sketchcard artist you're dealing with, here, folks, I bring you the level of quality you've come to expect from the artisans of the International Brotherhood of SketchCard Artists, as well as two-term president of the SketchCard Cartoonists Guild of America. I made these organizations up, but I think you catch the drift.

You can use the button below to reserve your card, or send payment via Paypal to Got any questions, lemme know - I'm including some sketchcards I did as examples, so you get an idea of what you'd be receiving (and, relatedly, these cards are also for sale, $15 each).

Kay, thanks folks!