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I've been trying to get caught up with my art for Jared Sorenson's Darkpages RPG, but alongside the commissioned art, I've been doodling side pieces, like the ones below.

I'm not exactly a leather nun kind of guy (I'm more a fun of the polyurethane pastor, or a rhodium rabbi maybe), but I wanted to revisit Jared's vigilante character Mercy, who you have to admit has something of a look going on. I thought she deserved a couple of glamourshots, above and beyond the heavily stylized drawings I'd already done of her.

(I never draw tits that big. I don't think I even ever drew tits that big when I was a bored, lonely adolescent with meager drawing skills and a bunch of friends who'd insist in hurried whispers during class "Draw a chick with really big tits!" Oh, how times have changed)

And on that note, it's climbing up towards a hundred out here by the lake, and we don't have air conditioning, so I'm gonna grab my art supplies and go to the library. Ciao!