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Print Roundup

Webcomics printing collections are getting more and more common. This boom is likely to be, at least partly, the result of a number of Print On Demand printers aiming specifically towards comics. This is a roundup of a couple of webcomics who have print comics available in recent days.

The Replacements, which can be found on the web at Graphic Smash, has a 52 page comic out through Comixpress collecting Book One of The Replacements' story.

And then there is Enter Yirmumah by DJ Coffman, which collects all Yirmumah strips from July to December 2004. Also available on Comixpress.

KC Green's The World Is Yours... But, Why Won't You Share is also available through Comixpress. Green's comics can be found online at Drunk Duck.

Another Drunk Duck featured comic that has a print collection out is High School Changed Me by Joseph Fanning. He has decided to go with a different POD printer, Lulu.

Alpha Shade is taking preorders for its first collection. They also comment on it in their latest audio commentary.

Finally, Narbonic vol.2, online at Modern Tales. And Garrity promises to sign every copy, whether you like it or not.

Re: Print Roundup

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The Asylumantics: Mental Giants - On sale now for just $11.95 from Lulu Press.

113pgs. B&W - Features over 200 comics plus bonus artwork and materials.

Haunted Pixel Studios

Re: Print Roundup

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My strip's first book collection is coming out through shortly, too. I'm just correcting a few typos and the like before it goes on public sale in May. Then I'm about 30 strips away from getting the second one out, too

- Ben

Re: Print Roundup

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Fragile Gravity has a collection out called Summertime Brews; it's the first 214 strips and bonus material. We produced it ourselves using Lightning Source, the digital press arm of Ingram.

Re: Print Roundup

And "G.A.A.K: Groovy Ass Alien Kreatures" by Darryl Hughes (me) and Monique MacNaughton (also of Graphic Smash's "UNA-Frontiers). Online at Available in print through POD publisher Lulu Press/


GAAK Online

GAAK in print

G.A.A.K: Groovy Ass Alien Kreatures It's like The Goonies meets The Invaders from Mars. Updates on Mondays.

Re: Print Roundup

If you could kindly add "Enter Yirmumah" to that list.

It's $2.99, full color at Comixpress-
It collects all strips from July-December2004