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24 Hour Comics is Over

Another edition of the now annual 24 Hour Comics Day is over. If you were following the 24 Hour Comics blog you already know that they had even more locations and more finished 24 hour comics then last year.

Re: 24 Hour Comics is Over

Uncle Ghastly's picture

Here's my contribution to the 24 hour comic day.

Finished in just under 24 hours.

I can't believe I mispelled "samurai", but considering how sleep deprived I was when I did the lettering (which was the last thing I did, it's amazing that there arn't more mispelled words in it.

That was my first time taking part in this project. Every other year I've had a gig the same day. Much fun indeed, but definetly not something I'd want to do more than once a year.

Re: 24 Hour Comics is Over

Yep, it was quite exhausting, but it made you feel like you accomplished something.

Interested parties can view mine online for the next week or so at: