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The Essence of... Issues

Version 1

Version 2

How about making a version yourself by downloading the image without the words here and post them here.

A product of the webcomics generation, Ping Teo makes, blogs, discusses, supports and mocks (bad) webcomics.

She has far too many projects, including her two and a third webcomics: Graphic Smash's The Jaded, The Longest Sojourn and the infamous How Not To Run a Comic.

Re: The Essence of... Issues

Xaviar Xerexes's picture

That is funny, sir!

I run this place! Tip the piano player on the way out.

Re: The Essence of... Issues

It's obvious I did this while on a caffiene high, isn't it? ;)

Re: The Essence of... Issues

*giggle* You have better rhyming skills than me, that's for sure ;)

Re: The Essence of... Issues

It's a bit slow, but the titles for the versions seem to be missing...

Anyways, the it should be obvious, but first one is "Printcomics on Webcomics" and the second is "Freecomics on Paycomics"

Re: The Essence of... Issues

Hey, ya know who I really despise? (I don't know the original song, so this isn't guaranteed to fit the tune.)