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Amber Greenlee Going Independent

Amber "glych" Greenlee is leaving Modern Tales and going out on her own with her new site which is scheduled to go live tomorrow, 6/18/05. There one can find complete archives of No Stereotypes, Glych’s Experiment, Red Dahlia, and almost a dozen other comics. All of which is free.

NonPersons is being published later this year by Narwain Publishing so information about that book is present, but not any comics yet.

Way to go, Girl!!!

As a long-standing fan of Amber and her comics, I'm glad to see that she's gone indie as well. She's got a hell of a lot of talent, and I look forward to seeing more of her work. :)

*sigh* Guess I should write something up over at Tangents....

Robert A. Howard, Tangents reviewer