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Cat Garza Chats With Scott "PvP" Kurtz (Part 2)

Scott Kurtz is the creative force behind PVP, and Wedlock, his brief stint with an autobiographical comic on Modern Tales. Kurtz, known for being one of the few webcomics creators able to actually live off his comic, recently started a print run of PVP with Image Comics. Often surrounded by controversy, Kurtz tells Cat Garza what he was really thinking when he did his infamous “guest week,” about his real reason for quitting Modern Tales, and about his "indie comic" Graphomaximo.

Here's the second installment of Cat Garza's online chat interview with PvP's Scott Kurtz.  Read part one here.

catgarza: Tell me about IMAGE... how's that worked for you so far?
catgarza: Has it drawn more heat from your opposition?
Kurtz: If so, I'm not feeling said heat.
Kurtz: But let me tell you...
Kurtz: it's so weird.
Kurtz: because I'm this state of flux and transition right now.
Kurtz: I'm DEFINITELY not with Dork Storm Press anymore, but it doesn't feel like I'm at Image yet.
Kurtz: so I feel a little homeless and like I'm drifting.
Kurtz: and worried.

catgarza: Was the split with DORK STORM amicable?
Kurtz: for the most part.
catgarza: how so?
Kurtz: Well, I never wanted to believe that Image would actually offer me a contract.
Kurtz: So we're talking and I just don't want to say anything to anyone about it unless it's real.
Kurtz: and it's not real until the contract is signed.
catgarza: Is that what's worrying you?
Kurtz: no.
Kurtz: It's signed, I'm in.
Kurtz: What worries me is this:
Kurtz: Timing is everything and you only get one shot at certain things in life. Image is as high as PvP will ever get in the comic company ladder.
Kurtz: so If this isn't the time for PvP to shine as an Image comic, if the timing is better that I wait a year or two.
Kurtz: I blow it.
catgarza: I know what you mean
catgarza: Still, you can't predict the outcome...
catgarza: just wait and see what happens, I suppose
Kurtz: which is why when Brandon Peterson suggested two years ago that I approach Image...I said "No way. Not ready yet."
Kurtz: I think it'll be okay.
Kurtz: fortune favors the bold.

catgarza: You feel ready now?
Kurtz: No. But that's good. You want to be a little scared, a little hungry. So you know you always do your best to impress. That will yield the best results.
catgarza: Well, you definitely deserve the shot right now…
catgarza: You've paid your "dues"
Kurtz: and the result could be....
Kurtz: or everyone could just stop, look and then go back to their meals.

PvP - Illustration by Frank Cho catgarza: What does the future hold for Scott Kurtz? What's coming up with PvP? Are you hoping to someday do something a little more personal?
catgarza: Ever gonna get back to wedlock?
Kurtz: The personal expression is in the works.
Kurtz: and depending on how PvP is received, it will be expressed in a year or so.
Kurtz: so you can have pop-culture and fart jokes on the odd month and personal expression on the even month.

catgarza: How did you first come in contact with comics and fall in love with the medium?
catgarza: Who are your idols?
Kurtz: I always enjoyed reading comics. I had all those Peanuts paperbacks.
Kurtz: and I always loved to draw.
Kurtz: since I was a little kid.
catgarza: But what made you first start drawing?
catgarza: (your own comics)
Kurtz: My mom bought me the first Garfield collection.
Kurtz: and I read it cover to cover, over and over.
Kurtz: and I wanted to be a comic strip artist from that day on.
Kurtz: my first cartoons were all Garfield knock offs.

catgarza: So, what was your first comic?
Kurtz: I had a cat comic named Bagpuss.
Kurtz: My first original character that wasn't a Garfield knock off was called Zach. And he was a dragon.
catgarza: And Captain Napalm? Was that high school?
Kurtz: Yeah.
Kurtz: I started drawing him in high school. Running around blowing up my art teacher.
catgarza: So you kept drawing and drawing all those years?
Kurtz: Oh yeah.
Kurtz: I discovered Bloom County and all my strips looked like that.
Kurtz: and tried to have that sharp wit.
catgarza: Did you?
Kurtz: no
catgarza: Heh
Kurtz: But I tried.