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Josh Lesnick's Slipshine Reaches 500 Subscribers

Josh Lesnick reports that his adult webcomic subscription site Slipshine (link not really safe for work) has reached 500 subscribers this month.

Comixpedia had an overview of Slipshine just over a year ago.

Re: Josh Lesnick's Slipshine Reaches 500 Subscribers

Haha... I know this was posted a while ago, so odds are nobody will see this comment, but this news isn't really THAT impressive, considering that Slipshine passed 500 subscribers a while ago (it's mentioned in my interview with the readers), and then lost over 50 readers over the next six months.

I guess what IS remarkable about this is that we somehow regained the readers with no advertising whatsoever. There was a recent site upgrade which added a few new free comics, and that may have been what did it.