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Over at Newsarama, Daniel Epstein interviews Phil & Kaja Foglio about moving their successful comic book Girl Genius to online publication.

Phil & Kaja Foglio recently published the last print comic book for Girl Genius and now publish the story in progress online between publishing graphic novel collections. Foglio discussed the reasons for the move:

Where we really made our money was from sales via our internet store. Whenever a new issue of Girl Genius appeared, sales on all of our other books surged. This applied to everything we have in print, What's New, Buck Godot, XXXenophile, and all our gaming product and secondary merchandise, such as goggles and Cafe Press items. It reminded people that we were still alive and still in business. The problem was that we could only bring the comic out four times a year.

Transforming it into an online comic solved everything. Now, instead of four times a year, I have an ad that appears three times a week. Sales from the website store have tripled.