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X-Men Misfits at SDCC!

X-Men Misfits at SDCC!
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Even though Dave and I were absent from SDCC this year, our new book made an appearance! That's our editor Tricia showing it off. Photo courtesy of Jon Rosenberg!

The book will be in stores on August 11. We just got this lovely review from Booklist, which was a great thing to wake up to:

X-Men 1: Misfits
Raina Telgemeier Dave Roman and Anzu.

X-Men is renowned for being one of the most girl-friendly super hero comics franchises, so a shojo (girl's) manga “re-boot” of the series is not that far-fetched. The conceit of seeing the X-Men redrawn as supercute boys, or in the case of Beast, redrawn as an adorable human-size badgerlike thing, works without a hitch. 15-year-old Kitty Pryde, who has the mutant ability to slip through walls, enrolls in Xaviar Academy, where she meets classic X-men characters, most still in their teen years. By some unexplained twist of fate that could only happen in shojo, Pryde is the only female student (Storm is a teacher). This makes the formerly insecure girl very popular with her peers, so much so that she is asked to join the Hellfire Club, which is hilariously reimagined as a parody of Ouran High School Host Club rather than a sinister organization of wealthy elites. Telgemeier and Roman deliver a delightful script that will appeal to old fans while being friendly toward new readers or fans of the X-Men films. The art by Anzu (The Reformed) is over-the-top shojo parody, with lots of screentone and flowers. (Aug.)


We're throwing a book release party at the end of August, at Rocketship, which I'll write more about in a separate entry. Everyone is invited!