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Dark Red: Issue #3 Page 89 - Research Notes

Our bonus page is up now for Issue #3: Page 89 - Research Notes

The comment about 'Hidden Truth Magazine' on this page is a reference to The Pure and Hidden Truth webcomic. Also Scott McCloud linked to Dark Red. How cool is that? Here's the link to his blog entry. Scott McCloud's Blog. It's worth checking his work out if you want to know more about comics as a medium. I've got 'Understanding Comics' myself.

I've been working on the bonus page which I'm putting up next Friday. It's a bit of a problem fitting the 15 panels I wanted in it, so I've pared it down to 11, which is the same as last issue. I'm glad it's done; now I can get on with the hard copy. After that I can start writing the next issue.

We'll be going on hiatus until we get the next comic started. But I'll try to post stuff up now and then. Jo and I sorted the plot last weekend for Issue #4, so we know what we're doing. And the title will be 'Absent Friends', I think. Just need to get it written.

Have a great weekend,