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Voles of the Dusk

Voles of the Dusk is a collection of humorous stories about the extinction of the human race. The Vole with No Name is a survivor. He understands this post-apocalyptic wasteland. It understands him. Join NoName as he fights, loves, misunderstands, and finds something to eat. It’s 84 pages of pure rodent flinging fun!

This volume contains three stories: Voles of the Dusk, Scum Hive, and The Vole That Dare Not Speak its Name. The first two were originally published at Ataraxia Theatre, while the third story was created specifically for this collection. It also includes the controversial NoName picture that was banned from Webcomic Battles. All of the pages have been edited and enhanced for print.

The proceeds from this book will go to my family to help them afford a trip to Korea to see my new son.