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Some of you may recall that I did a TV interview on Talk Ottawa last June. I've had a copy for quite some time but getting it online has been a fairly low priority. I finally got a chance to tinker with it and the first 15 minutes are below. If I've done this right, it should work.

Just press the "play" button at the bottom left of the player and it should go.

Now, it's going to suddenly stop after about 15 minutes. I need to get the subsequent parts properly encoded but, before I went too far with it, I wanted to make sure that the file was working properly. Once I get all of the interview coded right, I'll put it online. In the meantime, I think this will do.

Hopefully I don't sound like an idiot!


P.S.: I should add that James is a damn good guy; he gave me an entire hour to chat and that's pretty remarkable from where I sit.