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New developments

If you're a regular visiter you'll know that you're previously had to click on the link to see this blog. I decided that I'd be more upfront with it so more people would read it and I could more easily give news relating to this site.

Firstly Part IX is still in production, it's just rather slow because I can only render one frame at a time and can't use the computer for much else while it's happening.

I've also started working on Part XI, which will start with a flashback so I can put it up without it being a spoiler for Part IX (Part X is a summery of the story so far). This will be a return to interactive SVG but with a few (I hope) improvements in the format. This will hopefully mean more frequent and and more interesting updates.

Another reason for starting on Part XI is so I can test Scour which eliminates unecessary code from SVG (this seems to be an inherent problem with using WYSIWYG programs - which you have to use for complicated SVG). This should produce shorter files and speed up the development process.

I'm also looking into svgweb which uses JavaScript to display SVG using Fash in Internet Explorer and native SVG support in other browsers. This will mean that 97% of people will be able to read this comic without having to mess about warning people about SVG. Unfortunately the latest version doesn't work locally, making development difficult. I was told a version which got round this would be available on Friday or Monday but it has yet to materialize.

I've also been having problems with the Forums as I've lost the ability to access the Admin CP and Invision haven't been very helpfull in sorting this out. This main mean a new forum, not that anybody seemed to be using it anyway (you will notice that links to the apropriate forum are now on the mod database - if anybody uses that).