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Lots of updates. Also, come see me at Stuptown!

Hey, guys! Sorry I've been neglecting the blog. Let's power through the catch-up.

Templar's been updating, and I haven't been telling you like I should. Sorry about that! Click the back button a few times, you should be good to go.

I've begun a new feature, and I'm calling it Comics Held Hostage. basically, every once in a while, I draw a quickie strip, charge something for it, and then make it free to read for all once the ransom is paid. The first hostage, Confirmation, went up earlier this week. Read it here!

And finally, I'm gonna be a guest at Stumptown this weekend! I've heard great things about this con, and can't wait to go. If you're gonna be in Portland this weekend, please stop by my table and say hi! I'm at 110.

I'll also have a spotlight panel at 2:00 on Saturday. Come hear me yammer!

Okay, gotta go pack. Later.