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Holy crap! BOOK THREE!

Hi, guys! Yup, it's that time again!

I've begun taking pre-orders for the third print installment of my webcomic, And A Stick to Beat the Devil With, with the same intent as always: To cover the print bill. I've cleaned up my shop pages and put (nearly) everything I sell on sale to help towards costs, but the prices are going right back up the second the bill's covered. This won't last forever, so you've gotta hurry.

I'm offering pre-order packages with sketches, plain pre-orders, and general discounts. My goal is to have book three paid off in two weeks, like book one was.

Here's the freshly-upgraded store. Go nuts!

And the chapter that will be going to print can be read, in its entirety, starting here.

Warning to surf-at-workers and little kids: This chapter's got some male and female nudity. Just so's you know.

New comics soon!